More about BU Candles and Jacob


My name is Jacob. I am 25 years old, a lover of animals, music and movies, and I have Down Syndrome. I graduated from Mohawk College in 2019 from the Community Integration through Cooperative Education program. I like to be creative and learned how to make candles, the result was starting my own business in 2021.


Our mission is to create a brand with a focus to embody all elements of a healthy lifestyle. BU aims to promote self-care, wellness, and sustainability by creating ecofriendly products for you and your home. The inspiration behind the phrase of BU is simply the message to always be yourself and celebrate who you are.

Our mission continues by providing an opportunity to showcase abilities and create a meaningful and productive employment opportunity and promote important awareness towards inclusive employment for individuals of all abilities.

BU Candles is a business committed to making high quality candles and recognizing and celebrating the contributions of people with developmental disabilities.


Because every light deserves to shine !

BU Candles on World Down Syndrome Day with Youth Culture